Youth Services Roundup 4/20/21



The date for the next Youth Services Meetup has been set for Tuesday, May 4 at 2pm! Extra style points for those who attend in their favorite Star Wars gear...


From DLD: "This year's Summer Reading theme of Tails and Tales is the perfect opportunity to connect with 4-H and STEM team educators in your part of the state!  Join us on April 29 at 12:30pm for an informative lunchtime session to tap into the expertise of 4-H staff and take advantage of programs and resources in animal science that can be adapted to your Summer Reading programs this year and beyond." Find more details and register here!


From the ALSC blog: "Lately, I have been researching ways to develop creativity in childhood, and creative play’s impact on resilience, mental and physical health, and gainful employment in adulthood. There are tons of articles and good research available. One struck me as particularly important, and it is leading me to push for a revolution in our approach to arts and crafts and STEM and music. We incorporate so much creativity into our programming, but I think our approach is ripe for change..."


Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the Talking is Teaching picture book reading lists! Everyone who entered the Children's Book Week giveaway should have received some in the delivery already, but if you didn't and would like some to hand out during Children's Book Week (May 3-9), please let me know and I'll send some your way!

Youth Services: