Youth Services Roundup 4/16/21



The winners of the four regular-fancy Children's Book Week prizes are Canton, Hannibal, Rodman, and Harrisville, and the winner of the super-fancy grand prize is... Chaumont! Everyone who entered the giveaway will receive 25 copies of each bookmark. Look for those in your next delivery, and look for another giveaway soon!


If you haven't already voted on the date for the next YS meetup, here's a link to the poll. I'll leave it open through Monday (4/19).


From the ALSC blog: "ALSC’s Intellectual Freedom committee is proud to announce the launch of its Intellectual Freedom Programming Toolkit. Over the past two years, the committee has created a series of blog posts that incorporate information literacy and intellectual freedom concepts into standing, everyday library programs... The goal of this toolkit is to provide support for making these important concepts a consistent, embedded, holistic feature in your current library programming, without creating extra work or worrying that a program like this won’t be attended." Check it out!


From Youth Services Shout-Out: "In an effort to find something we could prepare into a take home kit from our library, I started thinking about things we could do that kids/families could enjoy at home that would be feasible for us to put together. We were already doing crafting kits, but I wanted something for people who do not particularly enjoy crafting. Then I thought about all the libraries that used to have interactive movies at the library and thought, “We could make that into some kind of take home activity!”



Youth Services: